Earth is a conscious being like us!


Vestal Lilies

Stern, solemn and severe, you glimmer in soft luminescence of unspoken purity and majesty. Pearls of immaculate beauty blossom under the gentle gaze of Irmingard, in whom is anchored from eternity to eternity Divine Purity! Today we celebrate in pure fidelity festival of the lilies!

Ascent To love

The intellectual is always showing off,
the lover is always getting lost.
The intellectual runs away.
afraid of drowning;
the whole business of love
is to drown in the sea.
Intellectuals plan their repose;
lovers are ashamed to rest.
The lover is always alone.
even surrounded by people;
like water and oil, he remains apart.
The man who goes to the trouble
of giving advice to a lover
get nothing. He’s mocked by passion.
Love is like musk. It attracts attention.
Love is a tree, and the lovers are its shade~
Rumi (1207-1273) translator: Dr. AnneMarie Schimmel

Panegyric Ode


O this sweet longing aliferous and fructiferous.

Now set your gaze beyond narrow confines of matter, and reach for that place where Love and Justice in perpetuity dwell.

O fountainhead of being! O wellspring of immortality! This is love without end! O resurgent spark of awakening! Keep alive the flame surging through the hearts of lovers.

Plenitude of Being

A glorious sunset of unity paints a symphony of interlocking colours of unimaginable brilliance, and immediately my spirit is irrevocably and irresistibly drawn into its warm bosom. So pure this inimitable quiescence, where nothing stirs but seraphic peace passing all human understanding.

My unspoken prayers soon transmute and morph into radiant pennons, rising aloft the luminous spheres on angels wings . Only prayers that still carry the Musk Rose fragrance of Agape Love no doubt may rise victoriously upwards-unfettered by tenebrous clouds of earthbound desires.

In that serene stillness, permeated by pure longing, my heart beat to rousing waves of joyful jubilation.

The Climb

Climb higher to love’s secret hermitage
Secluded among the lofty mountain range.

Surely you would not find the Archimage
But hear the still voice of the Sage.

See the world below from this Vantage-
Point and the Sun’s shimmering Orange
Glow of the vast azure…

Absorb its magical allure-
Breath in that pure
Alpine air…


Let’s turn this Earth into one vast Rosarium
That’s perpetually redolent of spring.
It then will be our little Elysium,
Where humans in fraternal brotherhood sing
In one voice and concord in the Sanctum
Of love divine, and our hearts purified by Cherub-blest aspergillum
Will rejuvenate us all and bring
Down heaven’s glory from on High…