Eternal Day-spring

O Eternal Day-spring where are thou?

My yearnings have become a billowing

Ocean and fervent payers a mighty bulwark

Against the tide of transitoriness.



O godlike Zephyr
Take me to Ophir
Where gold gleams in dreams

And life unfurls in argent streams,
Through the pure air
Uprising I shall soar-
No more earthly blur…
The Sun bright and clear
Will doubly pour
Its sweet rays dear…


The upward-swing arc

Of my sweetest longing

Leads to that sacred place

Where is joyful singing…

Chatoyant is my Chrysoberyl cat’s eyes

Which see afar. My Argus-eyed gaze,

Pan-Optic, can view the farthest galaxies

To the perisaturnium moons.

So blessed am I. My heavenly sight

Behold the wonders of creation.

At nightfall a pervasive calm settles

Over the Vales. The nacreous-shimmering

Clouds of daylight have long retreated into

Abeyance. No more to be seen the once indommitable

Phoebus, whose ebullient reign has now been curtailed

By Phoebe’s reganancy…

Eternal Flame

Love is eternal, endless, inexhaustible…

The fulgour fire rosinous,

Softly burning and luminous.

Can these gossamer wings handle

The red-hot flame of the candle?

Eternal Beloved

Endowed with celestial sweetness, she flows, as it were, on wings of angels and enchanting as Zephyr’s gentle touch. Her voice is canorous like the tranquil sound of a gurgling brook, and chirruping songs of Nightingales and Orioles.

Her beauty is certainly not of this Earth. It belongs in the heart of unconditional love. It is ethereal and Vestal…


Island of  Wholeness

O Love, all-encompassing;

Still I try to reach your threshold.

In vigil my soul’s surmising

The strong but delightful hold

You have over my grateful heart,

So could I ever now part 

From you, when at last I behold

The veiled image of Asphodel,

My lifeblood very model…

Cosmic Illumination

Ocean of Endless Joy

Now my liberated Spirit

Is engulfed by love’s omnitude.

I see the light of plenitude

Laying an aurelian wreathe

Above the blue Earth, as I rise

In circular motion, and swift

Is my ascent to Paradise.

Beatitude fills the air I breathe!

A new dawn is about to shift…


Vernal-flowering blossoms…

A thousandfold earthly pleasure

Does not come near this blithe-bliss,

Which in myriad tones immure 

My soul, as if bound by a Kiss

A million-fold eirenic.

Ethereal joy! Hyblaean 

To my heart beyond measure,

As I surge the cerulean

Sphere touched by heavenly treasure…

The Idyll

The fount of Eternal Beauty

Stillness everywhere!

O beauteous abound

In Nature and here.

Nothing stirs but sound

Of blissful harmony!

Turn your gaze upwards

To the Throne of Immortal

Light, the supernal portal

Of Life everlasting will fill

You with eudaemonic grace

And seraphic chime.

I must again return

To that isle where

Eternal love was born,

And cradled in clear

translucent purity!

So my spirit will well

Up in the limpidity

Of life’s glorious morn.