O what solemn bliss

fills the heart

When a thimbleful

Sip Of divine love

Depurate it from earthly dross…

White and crystalline like the snow,

It glows like the morning star…


Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Ich sang an meiner Nebelschur

Nun Nahrung aus der Welt

Und herrlich rings ist die Natur.

Die mich an Busen halt

Die Welle wieget unsern Kahn…

Now through my navel-string I suck nourishment

From the World. And splendid all around is Nature,

holding me in bosom. The wave lifts and rocks our boat in the rhythm of the oars, and mountains, cloud-girt, counter our course…

Beethoven : A Play

Beethoven is in his room in deep thought…he has a saturnine mien.


O this anguish of soul though fleeting

Seems in my mind to last eternity.

Amidst torrential dark thoughts wafting

Over my head the Muses’ lofty

Cadences still weave their lucent magic.

Restored by the limpidity that now

Engulf me, a new opening has indeed

Been carved in my inmost being-

An oculus through which purest distillation

Of musical ideas emerge full-fledged

And forever uniting with Nature’s transcendent laws…


Behold the majestic cloud-clad azure

Bejeweled by a glorious halo.

I see a noble, steadfast, pure

Peak chiseled by a mighty hand

Mightier than Michelangelo.

Aeolian Harp is tremulous

Against the ineffable, tremendous

Vista, O fiery and luminous

Stars, their silence ever mellifluous

O wayfarer can you grasp, understand

This heart-soaring ritornello?

Taj Mahal

Everlasting Flame

O marvelous and beauteous flame!

Light-bestowing, luminous and Nymphal!

You are brightest of stars

And most dazzling of Opals!

How can I forget your name:

O snow-white pearl and lily.

Taj Mahal…

Ethereal World

Supreme Sanctuary by Akiane Kramarik

O human spirits, if you care

Enough, see the perfect signature

Written in bold letters by nature

And with diligence, if you dare;

Realize love is an unfading flower

That illumines the heart every hour…